New Stockist Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions are as follows:
  • All potential accounts are subject to a credit check (requiring written permission from the applicant) we can open a credit account immediately otherwise we will open the account on a pro-forma basis.
  • All account openings are subject to the approval of the Sales Director. A letter confirming agreed payment terms and basis on which the account has been opened will be sent following this approval.
  • Initial order for immediate delivery must be a minimum of £2000 or equivalent in local currency.
  • Minimum annual turnover with Wacoal to be £6000+ or equivalent in local currency.
  • Internet sites must have their own website. We do not operate with individuals selling via online auction or third party sites. Separate approval will be given for internet sites which unless agreed otherwise will be restricted to sales received and deliveries within the UK. Approval will only be given once the website is operational or suitable visual layouts have been supplied.
  • Wacoal will only supply imagery of the garments stocked.
  • Customers must have the facility to warehouse their own stock.
  • Wacoal will not open accounts with businesses which operate on a “party plan” basis or businesses of an adult nature.
  • Retail Sales Executives will meet new customers once premises have been obtained or in a public place.
  • Wacoal do not operate a sale or return policy.


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